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We are successfully meeting the varied requirements of our clients by providing the best quality range of COLOUR COATED PROFILE | JSW BGL SHEET | Supplier in Gujarat

We are offering our esteemed clients with a huge assortment of Galvalume Steel Sheets that are perfect for many roofing solutions. The offered Galvalume Sheets are steel sheet with a hot dip-applied coating of about 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. These sheets can cover the buildings in all types of weather and environments around the world, the reputation of Galvalume sheet is hugely demanded by all the architects, contractors and building owners.
Our unit is developed with experienced team of engineers, who design the best galvalume sheets, with the unique attributes like performance, durability, stability, maintenance and installation.


• Blue
• Mist Green
• Autumn Red
• Terra Coated Red
• Half-White
• Tarrus Blue
• Grey
• Dark Blue
• Beize
• Bare Galvalume
• Others as per requirement


Our Products:


DetailsPre Painted GalvanizedColor Coated GalvalumeAl Zn/Bare Galvalume
Combination99.05%ZN55%AL 43.4%ZN&1.6 %SI55%AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI
Coating StdAs Peru 277AS 1397-93AS 1397-93
Coating Mass120gsm/ Col:30-35u150gsm / col:30-35uAZ 150 gsm
Base MetalHigh Tensile & soft Material / CRHigh Tensile / CRHigh Tensile / CR
Nominal Thickness (TCT)0.40TCT, 0.45TCT mm, 0.47TCT & 0.50TCT mm047TCT & 0.50 TCT mm047TCT & 0.50 TCT mm
Yield Strength240, 345 & 550 Mpa550 Mpa550 Mpa
PaintRegular Modified Polyster SystemRegular Modified Polyster System——-
 Silicon Modified Polyster SystemSilicon Modified Polyster System 
 Poly Vinyl Di Floride Polyester SystemPoly Vinyl Di Floride Polyester System 

Advantages of Galvalume Sheets

  • Excellent durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reduced fixing time
  • High tolerance against adverse weather conditions
  • Approximately half the carrying structure compared to clay/ concrete tiles
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Profile provide excellent spanning ability and remarkable recovery
  • Excellent ridge & curve profiles
  • The Long spanning ability and more cove range per unit mass permit
  • Wide support spacing enabling supporting structure economies
  • Provides a lifelong roofing products
  • Invaluable asset in designing and creativity

Bare Galvalume Sheet(BGL)

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