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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Goods Lift in Surat, Gujarat with an ability to design and manufacture according to your customized specifications. These Goods Lift Machine can be fitted even on old buildings too. Likewise, they additionally save money on the expense of pillars and side walls. We are giving the standard Goods Lift Manufacturer, elevated platform goods lift, column-mounted goods lift and can likewise aid installation.

As we are goods lift producer with an in-house manufacturing office, we keep a strict control on the nature of crude materials and productivity of assembling procedure to guarantee world-class goods lift for the activities. Our goods lifts are perfect for transporting substantial products starting with one spot then onto the next at a stockroom, circulation focus, manufacturing plant, vehicle dealership, and storeroom or in the deck business, and so on.

Technical Specification

Description Specification
Cap. (pay load) 500 Kg to 3000 kg
No. of Floor G+1, G+2, G+3 or custom as per requirement
Height of Lift As required
Speed 4.5 meter per minute or custom as per requirement
Motor S1 duty, Squirrel cage, 40% CDF, 150 S/hr, IP-55 with Class F insulation – 1 No.
Brake Electro Magentic disc type brake shall be provided
No. of fall 2
Types of floor door N.A.
Types of cage door Fix Railing two sides only
Platform M.S. Chequered Plate
Test Load 125% of SWL
Type Auto stop as per push button command
Locations In door
Construction of
Lift load bearing structure Fabricated from standard section with cross bracing and supporting
Steel Steel confirming to IS-2062 or equivalent is used in the manufacturing of the main load bearing
Gear box Gear box is helical type with M.S. fabricated housing, pinions and output shaft are supported on antifriction type roller/ball bearings. All Gears and Pinions are of En-9/En-8 materials precision machined and teeth cutting by hobbing machine duly hardened to with stand the heavy loads.
Brakes Electromagnetic type disc brake is providing in the Hoisting. This breaks is automatically released when the motor circuit is on and is applied when the motor circuit is off
Wire Rope (Main Hoist) The make of wire rope will be used of Usha-martin, 6×36 fiber core
Rope Drum The rope drum is of mild steel fabricated construction having right and left hand spiral grooves machined to suite the hoisting ropes. The drum is of such length that there is not more than one layer when rope is full wound.
Guide Wheel 4 Nos. Guide Roller is provided to guide a case.
Bearings All moving parts of the lift are supported on the anti friction type ball/roller bearings.
Painting The structural parts of the lift are thoroughly cleane and applied with two coats of red oxide and two coasts of enamel paints before dispatch.
Supply Voltage 415, 3ph, 50hx, Supply
Control Voltage 110 V
Ele. Panel
Switch Gears BCH, L & T, Siemens, TC or your approved equivalent contractors, switched are providing in Ele. Panel.
Push Button At every floor
Ele. Cables Flexible copper cable with ISI mark of BCH, RR cable or reputed make
Limit switches At every floor and every door limit reputed make lever roller type limit switches are provided to prevent accident.
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to installation
  • Low maintenance compare to hydraulic lift
  • High efficiency helical gearbox which reduce power consumption
  • Audio alarm for alert when lift will start
  • Operate from every floor
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