The Evolution of Roofing: From Clay to Metal:


Throughout history, roofs have served as the essential protective shell of our homes and buildings. But the materials and methods used for roofing have evolved significantly over time. This blog post by Bhagwati Roofing Products, a leading supplier of modern roofing solutions in India, takes a journey through the evolution of the roofing industry and explores the latest trends shaping it.


Early Roofing Materials:

Clay tiles: One of the earliest and most durable roofing materials, used in ancient civilizations, offering excellent weather resistance. Slate: Another historic material known for its longevity and fire resistance, but heavier and more expensive than clay. Thatch: Traditionally used in rural areas, made from natural materials like straw or reeds, but prone to fire and water damage. The Rise of Asphalt Shingles: In the 20th century, asphalt shingles became the most popular roofing material due to their affordability, ease of installation, and versatility.

Modern Trends in Roofing:

Metal Roofing: Gaining increasing popularity due to its exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency. Bhagwati Roofing Products offers a wide range of high-quality, long-lasting metal roofing options in various styles and colors.

Sustainable Roofing: Growing focus on using eco-friendly materials like recycled metal or green roofs that incorporate vegetation for insulation and environmental benefits.

Technological Advancements: The emergence of smart roofing systems that integrate with building automation for improved energy management and monitoring.


The roofing industry has undergone a remarkable evolution, constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of buildings and residents. Modern trends like metal roofing offer superior performance and aesthetics, making them ideal choices for contemporary structures. Bhagwati Roofing Products stands at the forefront, providing innovative and sustainable roofing solutions for homes and businesses across India.

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